The Granary Lofts

DATE: 2009
LOCATION: Gliwice, Poland, EU
OLD USE: Granary
NEW USE: Residential lofts, retail, office


Originally serving as a granary, the building is part of the former Prussian Military Unit barracks complex in Gliwice. The complex was built between 1892 and 1914. After the war, it was used as a drugs warehouse for the nearby Military Hospital.[1]


Wektor Inwestycje sp. z o.o. has been converting the entire military barracks complex into a new residential area by reusing old buildings as well as adding new ones. The adapted complex now has lofts, houses, apartments, and retail spaces.[2]


Near the city center, The Granary is perfectly located along with low and medium residential buildings and the Grunwaldzki Park. The ground floor of the building is intended for retail and/or office functions. The upper floors include 30 lofts of varying size (850-3,450). The residential portion retains the old granary aspects with exposed brick and wood beams. Two access columns with stairways and elevators were added alongside the building so as not to alter the original building.[3]

[2]Zawisza Residences

Images courtesy of Medusa Group.