Taller de Arquitectura

DATE: 1975
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain, EU
OLD USE: Cement factory
NEW USE: Architectural firm office, private residence


The complex was originally a large cement factory from the turn of the century. It was made up of over 30 silos, underground spaces, and very large engine rooms. Years of neglect and vacancy had left the complex into stages of disrepair.


In 1973, famed Spanish architect Richard Bofill bought the site, seeing great potential in its assets. This private development saw the transformation of the complex from industrial into a mixed residential and office headquarters. Upon completion, Bofill set up his firms office within the space. The entire reuse project took two years to complete.


To better define the space as well as clear out portions that were beyond repair, Bofill tore down a number of the silos (keeping eight) and other structures. Extensive new landscaping (including gardens of eucalyptus, palms, olive trees and cypresses) was installed to soften the edges and create further definition. This adapted space now includes “offices, a modelling laboratory, archives, a library, a projection room and a huge space known as ‘The Cathedral’, the venue for subsequent exhibitions, lectures, concerts and a whole range of cultural activities linked to the architect’s professional life.” Additionally, he incorporated his own private residence and guest rooms.[1]

[1]Ricardo Bofill

Images courtesy of Ricardo Bofill and Loft Life Magazine.