Silas Kopf’s Studio

DATE: 2002
LOCATION: Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA
OLD USE: Fire station
NEW USE: Art studio


Built in 1885, the historic fire station on Union Street in Easthampton served the community for over a decade. The tall red brick tower can be seen throughout downtown.[1] In the late 1990s, the city began a project to build a new public safety building in downtown to house the fire and police departments.


After the fire department moved to its new location, master of marquetry Silas Kopf purchased the public building to convert it into his studio space. He has been slowly updating the place to make it more of a studio while also respecting the original structure.


The old firehouse is now a wonderful studio building within downtown Easthampton. The paved access areas of the old building have been converted into garden spaces. The original engine bay entries have retained their shape but now serve as large windows. The studio is a welcome addition to the growing art community in Easthampton.

[1]The Boston Globe

Images courtesy of Phil LaCombe and Thomas Douglas Architects.