Recycled House

DATE: 2008
LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina
OLD USE: Residence
NEW USE: Residence


The building, built in the 1950s, has served as a residential home in Buenos Aires. It is a small lot within an upscale neighborhood.


The home was renovated and “recycled” by architects Gustavo Dieguez and Lucas Gilardi of a77 studio. The small firm has been actively working with discarded materials in architecture and conceptual works which they employed with this project.[1]


While not a true adaptive reuse project in that the building retained its original use, the renovation found new uses for old infrastructure elements to be used throughout the home. This project is a great example of sustainability, from the reuse of the building and infrastructure materials to the small lot size and excellent use of light and ventilation.

The architects rescued and used about 50 meters of highway guard rails and close to 300 meters of discarded metal profiles as well as the doors and windows from the original home.[2] The end product is home that includes a spacious loft, bedrooms and a central courtyard, topped by a green rooftop patio and pool.[3]


Images courtesy of Trendir.