Pigsty Showroom

DATE: 2005
OLD USE: Pig barn
NEW USE: Showroom


Built in the 18th century to serve as a pig barn, this building had seen better days. Serving this singular purpose for most of its life, the pigsty was partly destroyed during World War II and was falling apart.


The current owner decided that he would like to convert the building into a showroom. FNP Architekten was brought onto the project to help realize this dream.


The architects employed a special method that both protected and yet did not touch the shell of a building. The frame of a “house” was placed within the pigsty. This allows the entire interior of the new building to rely on the inner shell, rather than the 1780 structure. The new roof provides an overhang that protects the outer walls and yet sits on the new shell, adding pressure only to the new building. Windows were constructed in the same locations as the original structure, preserving the outer facade.[1]


Images courtesy of FNP Architekten.