Manhan Cafe

DATE: 2006
LOCATION: Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA
OLD USE: Gas station
NEW USE: Retail


An old gas station next to the city’s original firehouse closed down in the early 2000s. The location was a block away from another larger gas station and along one of the main corridors in Easthampton. Around the same time that the gas station shut down, the fire department vacated the firehouse for a brand new public safety building.


Douglas Hurteau and his daughter Jessica purchased the old gas station in 2006. Their dream was to create a new community space out of an auto-centric (small) piece of land.


The Hurteaus successfully developed a thriving new space for the Easthampton community. Their timing was precise as they converted the gas station as the town was (and still is) experiencing an arts “renaissance”. The cafe is now a welcome fixture within the “community, offering a place for local artists to display their works and local musicians to perform. ” It is “a lovely place to grab a great cup of coffee, sit and read the paper, or check email on your laptop (free wireless internet).”[1] Located just off the Manhan Rail Trail, the site still retains a large parking lot as well.


Images courtesy of EasthamptonWeb, Manhan Café (via Facebook).