Gas Station Home

DATE: 2008
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany, EU
OLD USE: Shell gas station
NEW USE: Private residence


Located in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, this site was once home to a Shell gas station. The building itself was built in 1956 on top of the foundation of a residential building that had been destroyed during World War II.


The property was purchased by Juerg Judin who had been pining over the possibilities of the station for years. Mr. Judin is an art collector and dealer from Zurich who moved to Berlin upon the completion of this adaptive reuse project.


A contaminated piece of land has successfully been cleaned up and a new life has been given to it. The finished concept is that of a space for an artist-in-residence. The original building was completely renovated, a new wing was added, and a garden/patio/pond were located in the old paved lot. The original station offers 970 square feet of live/work space while the new addition has provided 3,200 square feet, with the second floor of that addition used as exhibition space. The gas stations old canopy for the pumps has been retained and used as a cover for the outdoor seating area.[1]

[1]The New York Times

Images courtesy of The New York Times.