Garden Street Lofts

DATE: 2009
LOCATION: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
OLD USE: Coconut processing plant
NEW USE: Residential lofts


Located at 1425 Garden Street in Hoboken, this 1919 building once served as both a storage warehouse and coconut processing plant. The factory processed coconuts to be used as shredded toppings on Hostess snowball cupcakes.[1]


The developer of the conversion was Lawrence Bijou or Bijou Properties. The firm focuses its efforts on acquiring and transforming under-performing properties and converting them into first-class buildings. Along with this, green building practices are implemented.[2]

SHoP Architects was brought on to lead the conversion project. The Manhattan-based firm includes architectural and construction divisions. Their projects span the US as well as in China and South Korea.[3]


Bijou and SHoP successfully finished the conversion project in 2009, resulting in 30 luxury condominiums and a sedum ground-covered, grassy roof for carbon monoxide emissions. The mixed residential high-rise is the first such building in New Jersey to also receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification which it was awarded in 2010.[4]

The construction process utilized environmentally-friendly strategies and materials to repurpose the old factory, so as to create a reduced carbon footprint for its tenants. With the reuse of the building being the ultimate green aspect, the building also includes: cleaner, filtered fresh air; low-VOC paints and finishes; high ceilings and large windows for more natural light and reduced heating/cooling needs; sedum-covered green roof; energy requirements purchased from wind and other alternative energy resources.[5] The project is helping transform an area once known for its industry into a healthy environment for families looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.[6]

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Renderings courtesy of Garden Street Lofts.