Garage House

DATE: 2007
LOCATION: Portland, Oregon, USA
OLD USE: Automobile garage
NEW USE: Residential home


The 280-square foot building used to serve as a garage for a residential home.


Martin John Brown is the owner of the home and the featured garage. He had decided that he wanted to convert the garage for two reasons: granny flats help to reduce our carbon footprint; it could offer additional income as a rental property. The process takes him over two years thanks in part to difficult city regulations in Portland, OR.


Although granny flats are typically built above a garage allowing for the continued use of car storage, Brown decided to convert the entire building. With an added loft, the living space comes out to 400 sf (half the amount of his home next door). It contains a living room with fireplace, kitchen, bath, and lofted bedroom. Skylights and large glass double doors at the front help to provide light and a sense of openness. The end product is a creative home that’s made use of limited space and is functional.

Images courtesy of bottleworld.