DATE: 1997
LOCATION: Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA
OLD USE: Mill factory
NEW USE: Mixed use (retail, office, residential lofts)


Prior to its adaptive reuse, Eastworks was the home of Stanley Home Products. The company manufactured home good items at the location for decades before it was merged and consolidated with other locations. The 500,000 sf factory is part of a series of mills that made up the West Boylston Co. That textile company had moved out of the city in the 1920s, leaving the Eastworks building to become home to Stanhome.[1] The mill is located along the Lower Mill Pond and Manhan Railroad (now the Manhan Rail Trail).


In 1997, private developer Will Bundy purchased the Stanhome building and founded Eastworks LLC. Through his efforts, he planned to reuse the building as a mixed-use community.


Eastworks is now a mixed-use center for artists, residents, and retail. The redevelopment of the structure has been noted as the element that jump started a rebirth in the cityʼs economy. Developed over a number of phases with work still continuing, the project has met with a lot of enthusiasm and activity. It’s “a practical and dynamic home for community-based organizations making an impact in the Pioneer Valley and beyond, whether through entrepreneurship, artists supporting and engaging each other’s initiatives, or the far-reaching work of non-profit foundations.”[2]


Images courtesy of JK Parkin, Shelter Protects You, Eastworks, and mighty stina.