Chapel Residence

DATE: 2009
LOCATION: Utrecht, the Netherlands, EU
OLD USE: Chapel
NEW USE: Residence


This building first found its purpose serving as a Catholic church for the community.


Zecc Architecten has a long history of renovating historic and cultural sites.


The conversion offers a brand new modern look inside while still respecting the historical appearance on the exterior. Due to its high ceiling, a second floor was able to be incorporated thus increasing livable space. The living room, dining area, and kitchen are located on the first floor while the second floor is used as a loft space. The original stained glass windows were retained while additional windows were incorporated on the first floor on the street side to allow for additional natural light. Very little of the original structural interior was altered, save the organ balcony which was extended for additional floor space. Furniture from the old chapel was also reused – benches are now used for seating at the dining table which is also made from benches.[1]

[1]Zecc Architecten

Images courtesy of Zecc Architecten.