Cambridge City Hall Annex

DATE: 1939 & 2003
LOCATION: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
OLD USE: School
NEW USE: Municipal offices


Built in 1871, this building originally served as the Harvard Grammar School for Cambridge. The building sustained significant damage during a fire in 1899. It was then renovated and a new third floor and brick parapet were added.


Please supply any developer info you may have regarding the original conversion that took place in 1939.

For the 2002-2003 renovation, the City worked with HKT Architects and Consigli Construction.


The 1939 work on the building saw the City convert the school into a new municipal office building. At that time, the brick parapet was removed due to structural issues. The 2002-2003 renovation however saw the building convert into an example of sustainability. The historic exterior of the building was preserved and the brick parapet was recreated to capture the building’s historical significance. A number of new green features were incorporated: water-efficient landscaping, alternative commuting options, minimized heat absorption, recycled materials, sustainable forestry, indoor environmental air quality, solar power, no boiler or furnace, maximized daylighting, “intelligent” lighting, and targeting energy use.[1]

[1]City of Cambridge

Images courtesy of Engine21.