Armstrong Oil & Gas

DATE: 2008
LOCATION: Denver, Colorado, USA
OLD USE: Machine shop
NEW USE: Company headquarters


The 1900s machine shop is located in downtown Denver, Colorado. It had become underutilized in recent years.


Armstrong Oil & Gas is both the owner (as 14th & Blake LLC) and occupant of the renovated building. Armstrong was in need of a new location for their headquarters.[1]

Lake|Flato Architects was commissioned to develop and realize the adaptive reuse of the old machine shop. The firm focuses their work on six principles: land, light, craft, community, spaces between, sustainability.[2]


The center section of the main roof was removed while the rest of the building was kept intact. By removing that portion of the roof, Lake|Flato was able to bring natural light and ventilation to the rest of the building. The original structural steel columns and exposed wood roof beams served as an organizing framework for the office spaces within. While privacy was needed for separate offices, semitranslucent walls were used to allow natural light into the offices.[3] The shop’s original saw-tooth roof can easily been seen above the upper-level offices. An open-air roof terrace was also incorporating, adding additional meeting and break space.[4]

The company office is located in LoDo, or Lower Downtown. This was the original downtown for Denver. The Lower Downtown Historic District was created in 1988 and since that time, efforts have been made to preserve and revitalize this neighborhood.[5] The adapted use of the old machine shop fits well within this area.

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Images courtesy of Frank Ooms Photography.