Ames Boston Hotel

DATE: 2009
LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
OLD USE: Office
NEW USE: Hotel, restaurant


The Ames Building was built in 1893 and was considered (though incorrectly) to be the tallest building in Boston until 1915. It served as an office tower and was Boston’s first skyscraper. Designed in Richardsonian Romanesque, it is the second tallest masonry load bearing-wall structure in the world.


Normandy Real Estate Partners purchased the building in 2007 and worked with Morgans Hotel Group to convert the National Historic Building.


Opening in 2009, the adapted building now serves as a 114-room modern hotel in the heart of Boston. Along with the hotel, the upscale Woodward restaurant was incorporated into the ground floor. After eight years of vacancy, the Ames is alive and well again.[1]


Images courtesy of S. Peter Kane.